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No two companies are alike, and no two companies’ recruitment needs are alike. The same applies to candidates.

Coleman Search Group sets itself apart by redefining the recruiting experience. Our flexible approach — with several options to choose from — means the service you get will match your goals.

Coleman Search Group offers flexible and customizable services to their clients, including Retained Searches, Exclusive Searches, Priority Searches, and Strategic Consulting.

What We Offer

Retained Search

If you’re looking to leverage a regional or national search for exceptional executive-level leaders hidden from the job boards, a Retained Search is for you.

A Retained Search is a contractual search agreement that delivers an exhaustive search process, supplying you with regular status updates, real-time market condition assessments and candidate insights, and in-depth submittal profiles outlining much more than a resume could ever reveal.

Exclusive Search

If hiring high-quality management-level candidates and future executive leaders is your goal, an Exclusive Search is the right option.

An excellent alternative to our Retained Search, an Exclusive Search offers a customized, engaged process that results in strong, uniquely qualified candidates for your hard-to-fill roles.

Priority Search

If you’re looking to locate and hire strong individual contributors quickly, you can maximize your candidate pool with a Priority Search. Our Priority Search is a contingent agreement that utilizes decades of best practices and battle-tested processes for qualified candidate placements.

Strategic Consulting

If you’re struggling with identifying succession talent, aligning structure with strategy, or unsure you are maximizing production while minimizing expenses, a Strategic Consulting engagement is the right option.

It’s a creative, innovative, and flexible alternative to traditional recruiting processes. We give you access to an industry professional who will provide insight, solutions, and processes tailored to your specific goals.

Matt Nickens and Darryl Coleman have more than 40 years of Property and Casualty insurance experience combined with 35+ years of recruiting excellence.

How We Work

It’s rare to find a search firm that offers client-friendly fee structures and is more concerned about solving your problems than sending you a bill.

“Can we help you?” is our initial question. We decide on a mutually agreeable fee later.

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