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Coleman Search Group has successfully conducted more than 200 commercial Property and Casualty insurance searches since 2009, helpign numerous industry professionals find the right opportunities.

We’re Trusted

Candidates turn to Coleman Search Group because we’re respected in the industry as a “trusted go-to advisor” with influence.

We’ve successfully filled more than 200 commercial P&C insurance searches since 2009 and have helped numerous industry professionals find the right opportunities for their career goals.

Our ability to create mutually beneficial matches means more career advancement opportunities for candidates and long-term impact and stability for companies.

That’s why almost 100% of our candidates meet their guarantee period and why companies experience lower turnover with CSG-placed candidates.

We’re Relationship-Focused

Coleman Search Group is in the business of building long-term relationships and understands that every good experience builds goodwill.

We take the time to truly understand you and your career goals and offer lasting working relationships, resulting in win-win outcomes.

You’ll never have to guess where you stand when you work with us. We pride ourselves in providing candid feedback through our candidate assessment and analysis process.

When I worked with CSG a couple of years ago, it felt like you represented me personally even though your client was a large insurance carrier. I haven’t experienced that feeling when approached by executive recruiters in the past. It always felt like you were focused on being an effective liaison to make both sides satisfied with the outcome.

– Past CSG Candidate

We Keep Your Best Interests At Heart

Regardless of where you are in your career, we’re here to listen to your desired goals and will work tirelessly to provide career opportunities that fit your objectives.

Whether you’re ambitiously climbing the corporate management ladder or looking to make an impact as a proven successful individual contributor, our goal is to help you create work-life balance while providing exciting, meaningful opportunities.

We’re passionate about aligning the right candidates with the right clients to help tomorrow’s leaders make smart career decisions today.

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