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Like our clients, we are looking for professionals who can not only bring talent and energy to Coleman Search Group but also share in our goal of redefining recruiting. We’re looking for people with imagination and creativity — professionals who will embrace our commitment to partnering with our clients and candidates to help them reach their goals.

Coleman Search Group is looking for professionals who can bring talent and energy and share in their goal of redefining recruiting.

Core Values

  • We are committed to creating a consistent, positive customer experience.
  • We develop partnerships based on a shared purpose by understanding our customers and their objectives, and by helping our customers understand us.
  • We believe in charitable giving and kindness and intend to make a difference in our community by leaving that as our legacy.
  • We act with integrity in every business decision and demonstrate it through our values, actions, methods, measures, and principles.
  • We never settle. We’re always looking for new possibilities and solutions.
  • We earn and retain business through our credibility. Our trustworthiness, expertise, and results build long-lasting relationships.

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