Many job seekers believe that building an impressive resume, attending a top-rated university and winning numerous awards are all you need to land that dream job. While those achievements are important and play a critical part in getting an incredible position, there are two items not found on a resume that also create true career success:  dedication and connections. On that note, Coleman Search Group (CSG) is proud to announce our own Iwalani De Los Santos (Lani) recently accepted the position of claim associate for one of the leading multi-line insurers, Zurich Insurance.  She accomplished a lot and formed new relationships during her time with CSG, which helped bring her to this place of career success.

As operations manager at CSG, Lani had the opportunity to get an up close view into the property/casualty insurance industry, which ultimately fueled her desire to work in this business. She learned how to identify key traits that made a job candidate successful and how important it was to be truly prepared for every professional scenario. These experiences, along with her dedication to learning, helped Lani hone her skills and qualities, making her a more sought-after job candidate. In her position, she was responsible for several key functions of the company which built her confidence in her own capabilities, as well as in the insurance industry as a viable career field.

Lani met and worked with various key contacts in the industry. Through these connections and interactions, she gained valuable knowledge from experienced professionals and began building lasting relationships that will forever play a part in her professional path. Lani’s positive rapport with clients, candidates and colleagues through daily work activities and networking events contributed to the incredible opportunities and glowing references she received.

A strong resume is definitely a key part of accomplishing professional success, but it’s not always the only or most important piece of the puzzle. As you can see in Lani’s success story, there is much more that goes into landing that great job. She does have the remarkable resume filled with coveted job experiences and academic accomplishments, but it was ultimately her dedication and the connections she made while at CSG that led to a great opportunity for an incredible company.