"Our organization needed key talent quickly with very specific qualifications. Darryl was extremely knowledgeable about prospective candidates, making the search very efficient. He listened very well to our needs and put us intouch with viable candidates. During the search, Darryl frequently communicated with the candidates and the company, offering candid feedback and realisticoptions. After candidates were hired by our organization, Darryl continued to follow up with both the company and the candidates, facilitating the transition and ensuring the match was a win-win."
- President, Property Casualty Insurance Company

"There have been times when we have asked Darryl to staff positions that other recruitment companies weren’t able to fill. We are in a very rural area, and it is sometimes hard to find candidates. When I work with Darryl, I feel like I am working with a partner. Other recruitment firms feel like they just want to put a body in your office to earn a commission. I feel like it’s just as important to him as it is to us to place the right person in the role...He is the type of recruiter you want representing your company."
- Vice President, Human Resources

"I have personally known Darryl for 15 years, and we previously worked together, so I know he is extremely professional, has a great attitude, and is very calm and steady all the time. He got me into a great opportunity and a great place. He anticipates needs but he also makes sure that he follows up…a lot of recruiters, once they get the assignment done and the person placed, you don’t hear from them anymore. He makes sure that the on boarding is going well and goes above and beyond what other recruiters do. He made sure where he placed you was a great match, and it has been a great success."
- Senior Vice President, Property Casualty Insurance Company

"Darryl and I previously worked together in the early 2000s at an insurance company. I also used him with a previous company over the last 4 years. What sets Darryl apart from other recruiters is his knowledge and networking within the industry. He does a very nice job of letting you know of candidates that are looking; most recruiters are more concerned with making money right then and there. He will network with candidates even when a job is not available. Darryl will network a candidate with me that he might know well. The claims space is complex, and Darryl is very good at finding people in that space. For example, a start-up insurance company was looking for a claims leader, someone with leadership and entrepreneurial skills. This person needed to relocate to Atlanta. Darryl found candidates, helped coach, and helped the company determine which candidate really fit. He also helped the candidate truly understand the opportunity. Darryl is highly professional, extremely engaging, knowledgeable, has a strong business acumen, and knows the business…bottom line: we like each other."
- President, Property Casualty Insurance Company

"I have had the pleasure of working with Darryl Coleman for more than 10 years. Darryl's integrity and knowledge of the industry has helped us on many occasions. We have benefited from his diligence and understanding of our operation."
- Senior Vice President, Property Casualty Insurance Company

"In the recruiting business you have to listen to what the client wants, what the candidate needs and bring them all together. CSG does it!"
- Regional Sales Executive, Global Insurance Adjusting Firm

"Darryl was very good at defining the qualifications of the people we were looking for. He understands the business and was familiar with the candidates. The jobs and requirements were fully and accurately communicated."
- President, National Insurance and Education Organization

"Integrity is one of the biggest assets as a recruiter; CSG really, truly has the best interests of both parties in mind."
- Chief Claim Officer, Property Casualty Insurance Company

"The recruiter was extremely knowledgeable with the insurance industry and search profession. He was detailed-oriented, well connected with the industry and able to forecast trends. CSG gets results."
- Vice President, Global Professional Services Firm


"Darryl is so attuned to his candidate's needs…most impressive is the extent of his industry knowledge and background information he provides on potential employers. He does a fantastic job of walking you from A to Z. He has been instrumental in helping with a number of opportunities; he's very committed…the master of his craft…really modeled out the full package. Darryl makes you realize the importance of knowing your audience—your potential employer. You think you are prepared, but Darryl really elevates the game."
- Assistant Vice President, Property Casualty Insurance Company

"I have worked with Darryl Coleman and find him to be a consummate professional and a sourcing expert within the industry. He is knowledgeable, personable, responsive, but most importantly, he is creditable. Darryl is an excellent career coach who can be trusted!"
- Vice President, Human Resources

"Darryl is engaging, enthusiastic, and professional, and knows the market. When he checks in occasionally, I am glad to hear from him. He found a great opportunity in the insurance market that has morphed into an even greater one since inception. This opportunity has allowed me to grow professionally. Darryl is able to focus on the positive and builds relationships and brings people together. He establishes personal relationships and tailors the opportunity to you."
- Senior Vice President, Property Casualty Insurance Company

"Darryl recently helped me find a new position closer to home to minimize travel, which is exactly what I had been looking for. I appreciate Darryl because he keeps in such good contact with his clients and candidates. He knows exactly what they have done…his notes are impeccable…which saves so much time. I also appreciate his openness; I can reach him anytime, wherever he is."
- Vice President Operations, Property Casualty Insurance Company

"Darryl was simply super to work with. Throughout the process he kept me informed, the communication was great. He helped me prepare for interviews, etc. He was everything that I would look for in a top notch recruiter."
- Branch Manager, Property Casualty Insurance Company