Case Studies

What is your goal? Chances are, we've handled something similar. Read some of our recent case studies.

Caught off guard by an unanticipated vacancy requiring prompt action

Challenge: Unexpected high visibility, executive vacancy with expedited placement time line.
Solution: Immediate response, within 14 days the contract, search scope and position specification were completed. Within 30 days candidates identified, sourced and screened.
Result: Within 75 days the finalist selected.

Trying to source a difficult skill set in a difficult location

Challenge: Key leadership role open in a difficult location – lack of quality candidate flow with position open for approximately 1 year.
Solution: Contract, position profile and job specification constructed and approved within 7 days of the search assignment.
Result: Candidate hired and began employment within 180 days.

Need a creative solution to fill multiple positions

Challenge: Multiple leadership positions open simultaneously (executive, senior and managerial levels).
Solution: Innovative search approach offering a combined search strategy and commensurate fee structure for each position.
Result: Fulfilled search requirement.

Newly established business seeking talent

Challenge: Start up requiring multiple executives with limited budget.
Solution: Creative sourcing solution and fee structure that provided national candidate search within client budget.
Result: Sourced, identified and successfully placed two executives within 60 days.

Struggling to identify passive candidates while building future bench strength

Challenge: Developing quality candidate flow for future opportunities.
Solution: Continual sourcing and candidate submission.
Result: Clients have increased candidate pools and hired multiple candidates.

Desiring strategic consulting advice

Challenge: Client's operational platform required restructuring in order to address immediate, mid-term and long term needs.
Solution: Series of executive and senior level meetings to understand current organizational structure, immediate operational talent needs and desired end-state goal.
Result: Client accepted proposal, implemented recommended changes and contracted CSG, Inc. to conduct multiple searches.