C-Suite Insight: Sharpen Your Skills and Never Stop Learning

shutterstock_176015801-webAs leaders of their company, C-suite executives are often viewed as extraordinary figures who have reached what seems to be the highest point of their professional game. It is sometimes assumed that these individuals have little to improve upon since they are in such an esteemed position. This is simply not true. The real key to success as a C-level executive is the ability to continue developing and honing crucial skills, while also having a passion to continually learn new things.

Below are two of the top skills that every C-suite executive should possess.

  • Adaptability- As the famous quote by Heraclitus states, “One thing that is constant is change.” In the Property Casualty insurance industry, those words are truer than ever. From an increased influx of millennial employee hires to new technologies that affect daily processes, the industry is in a constant state of change. A C-suite executive’s ability to adapt to and embrace this change is a skill that is crucial to their success, and has a two-pronged significance. First, upper level management must be able to continually adapt to unexpected situations and decipher the best action to take for the betterment of the company. Everyone, clients and colleagues alike, look to the C-suite to lead through times of change by making the crucial decisions that count. Second, C-suite executives should also be the one to create and implement this change. Possessing an innovative mindset that continually seeks out and welcomes new processes and perspectives is what will make themselves and their company truly successful.
  • Relationship-building- Every company is made up of different kinds of employees and deals with all types of clients. As leaders, the members of the C-suite must know how to successfully build and maintain relationships in order for their business to thrive. In a Q &A article by Carrier Management, Farmers Insurance Group Chief Operations Officer (COO) David Traverse says, “I believe with all my heart that you should never take this job if you do not like interacting with people,” when asked about the required qualities of a COO. He goes on to say, “We are paid to be on our game—to manage relationships, and to do it in a way that gives comfort and security to the people that are counting on us. It’s a people job.”

In addition to possessing important skills, upper level employees in the Property Casualty insurance industry need to be committed to continual learning. Successful C-suite leaders know that they must continue to grow, both personally and professionally, if they want to see success for their company and themselves.

Below are two steps company leaders can take to continue career development: 

  • Ask for feedback. One of the easiest ways to learn more about how you can maintain current success or even improve in your position is to simply ask the opinions of those around you. One of the greatest gifts a leader can ever receive is feedback. From the members of your team to your supervisors, everyone can bring a fresh perspective you may initially miss because you are focused in your current responsibilities. These are the people who know your company and industry, so their opinion can be incredibly valuable to the advancement of your career. Feedback fuels the truest form of professional development. 
  • Continue your education. An article by Brett Gleason in Inc.com says, “Leaders usually know that their people need training and development. The smartest leaders understand that the same applies to them–and that the need is ongoing.” Even in a C-level position, there is still so much left to learn and achieve. You’ve invested so much in your initial education and career thus far, stopping when you are in the most influential and important position is a mistake. Whether it’s going back to school, acquiring new certifications, attending educational conferences or seeking out a mentor, there are several ways to pursue self-improvement and career development.

The Dog Days of Summer: Tips to enhance your Work-Life Balance

work life balanceSwimming pools, beach umbrellas, barbeques, and long-days spent soaking up the summer sun.  The Dog Days of Summer are upon us and though school is out until autumn, the learning should continue.  June, July, and August should become the months to make sure that balancing your work life and maintaining a mental equilibrium soar to the top of your to-do list.  While the effects of a high stress work environment and long hours are evident to each employee, employers are dedicating more time and energy to address employee-wellness issues.  According to a report on the importance of work-life balance by Business Improvement Architects, “Employers are becoming increasingly aware of the cost implications associated with over-worked employees such as: operating and productivity costs, absenteeism, punctuality, commitment and performance. [Consequently,] there are five main reasons why companies participate in work life balance programs: high return on investment, recruitment and retention of employees, legislation, costs, and union regulations.”

“Companies that have implemented work-life balance programs recognize that employee welfare affects the “bottom line” of the business.” – Business Improvement Architects

Here are some ways to develop your own homeostasis in your daily work-life balance:

A fresh perspective
It is human nature to veer off your chosen path, losing oneself to the many distractions of life.  We often have moments during a task or process where we stop and realize that we’ve been wasting valuable time instead of being efficient.  We also realize when we get so wrapped up in an effort that went poorly or a meeting that was far from perfect, we lose sight of the big picture.  As The Telegraph’s Hazel Davis points out, “You can’t control everything that happens in your life, so try and create processes, scheduling and timekeeping for those aspects you can control.  Then release the aspects you can’t control so they don’t make you crazy.”  Remembering to step back and objectively analyze a situation or series of events will help you maintain a clear perspective not only for yourself, but also for fellow employees.

Organize, Manage, and Prioritize
So much can be lost amongst the hustle and bustle of daily work.  What was once a tidy, well-oiled machine can quickly morph into the haystack of all haystacks.  Having a well-organized and properly maintained work area can have a positive impact on how you feel about your work place, being well structured also extends to your personal priorities.  The Mood Disorder Society of Canada suggests you “Identify your priorities and adjust your life to make time for things important to you.”  So often, we lose sight of what is important and instead of being excited for new challenges, we resent the burden of unwanted problems.

“Finding a manageable work-life balance is crucial for long-term business success.” –Hazel Davis, The Telegraph

Consider How You Spend Your Time
Ask yourself this question:  On a daily basis, how do you spend your time?  If you are putting in long hours at the office, are you giving the same focus and effort to your personal wellbeing at home?  Amy Rees  Anderson of Forbes explains that, “In all the talk about work/life balance we forget that part of balance is taking time for you.” Taking time for personal activities such as exercising, reading, or simply getting out of the house can do wonders for an overworked psyche.

Sleep.  Sleep.  And more sleep.  As time, energy, and inevitably stress increases, the need for extended periods of sleep rises as well.  Martin Bjergegaard of The Huffington Post writes “When you’re sleep deprived, research shows that you make the wrong calls, focus on the wrong tasks and fall into the trap of working longer but less efficiently.”  Remembering that you will be a more efficient and well-balanced employee with a steady amount of sleep can help you set aside the time, regardless of work-load, to achieved a well-rested body and mind.


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CSG BIG NEW YEARSshutterstock_145469713


It’s the time of year where we reflect and resolve to make the future what we want it to be. The thought of transitioning to a new opportunity with more room for growth and longevity is a wonderful idea. But how do you make it come to fruition? Are you seeking a new role? Making a career change? Or just curious about the industry? Coleman Search Group (CSG) has the tools, resources, and decades of experience to help.

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Relocation… it isn’t what it used to be

header-relocationI’m certainly dating myself when I say I remember the days when insurance companies and most of corporate America not only enticed you to relocate, but they paid you to do so! I moved ten times during my 20 year corporate career. Some of the moves were great, and I earned a sales bonus for selling my home before the company had to take it into their inventory to be sold later. Some of the moves were not so great, especially when I did not sell my home for what I thought it was worth, or even worse … I was not able to sell my home and had to accept the corporate buy out. Whether it was a good or bad move based on my limited criteria, I never had to worry about moving without some form of corporate financial support. Well, those times have passed us by, and now you are very fortunate to find companies willing to provide any financial support (and finding a company that still offers to buy your home if you cannot sell it is next to impossible!).

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