C-Suite Insight: Sharpen Your Skills and Never Stop Learning


As leaders of their company, C-suite executives are often viewed as extraordinary figures who have reached what seems to be the highest point of their professional game. It is sometimes assumed that these individuals have little to improve upon since … Continue reading

Property Casualty Insurance Careers: Does Your Grade Point Average Really Matter?


The debate on whether one’s grade point average (GPA) can impact his or her career has been a popular topic for years. Many career experts feel that it plays a major role in an employer’s decision to hire someone, while … Continue reading

Key Steps to Consider When Reevaluating Your Human Resource Costs


Reevaluating and improving human resource efficiency is vital to the success of any Property Casualty insurance company, especially when employee turnover can be so costly. An article by Insurance Business America stated, “…a November 2012 study from the Center for … Continue reading

Finding Success by Considering an Insurance Career in a Specialized Market


Whether you’re just beginning your insurance career or you’ve already built a strong background in the industry and are considering a change, there are many avenues within the Property Casualty insurance industry to consider and pursue. There are several specialized markets … Continue reading

Women in Insurance: Industry Insights on How to Chart a Successful Career

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The Property and Casualty Insurance sector has historically been viewed as a “male-dominated” industry, meaning men hold the majority of the upper management positions. Property Casualty 360  reported last year, “At the largest insurers and reinsurers women held only 6 … Continue reading

How Generation X and Y Can Succeed in a Business of Baby Boomers

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The workplace is filled with all kinds of employees who have different personalities and traits. People from every race, religion, sex and political affiliation are often brought together by their place of employment. In addition, a company’s staff also consists … Continue reading

Dedication and Connections Breed Success


Many job seekers believe that building an impressive resume, attending a top-rated university and winning numerous awards are all you need to land that dream job. While those achievements are important and play a critical part in getting an incredible … Continue reading

How to Pick the Star Candidate


By: Iwalani De Los Santos This summer, we encouraged candidates and job seekers to take actionable steps to sharpen their skills and gave advice on how to set themselves apart from the competition. But how can hiring managers best prepare … Continue reading

How to Gain a Competitive Edge During Summer


By: Iwalani De Los Santos In the coming weeks the World Cup will bring competition into the global spotlight and has us considering how individual coordination, energy, and teamwork can yield victory when it comes to a job search.  Candidates … Continue reading